Amber Zuniga, 18, Produces ‘A Perfect Boyfriend Application’ | HuffPost Teen

Amber Zuniga, 18, Produces ‘A Perfect Boyfriend Application’ | HuffPost Teen

Together with the first-day of courses quickly approaching inside final few days of August, 18-year-old Amber Zuniga realized the importance of discovering a back-to-school date. In an effort to help her man single pals distinguish amongst the studs and duds, she produced «a perfect boyfriend software» — which quickly
moved widespread on Tumblr
and got acquired by larger news sites, such as for instance

Scroll down to understand bigger (and entertaining) image.

The program is «proper which have a crush on someone, or believes a guy is of interest, or also has a harmful infatuation — since the program is a tad overboard,» Zuniga told

The Huffington Post

. «But let’s not forget Beyoncé. I do believe she actually carried me through endless many hours of intense slicing and glueing it got to perfect the program. That lady is actually silver.»

While Zuniga admitted that she has yet to truly make use of it by herself, she guaranteed us that as time goes by, should a «tall, tan, and good looking guy merely waltz into [her] existence and gives [her] some french fries,» she’s going to ensure that you hand it to him upfront.

As well as any solitary girls or gents that do not have this foolproof program convenient if they spot a possible sweetheart candidate (tsk, tsk), need not worry — Zunigahas got you covered.

«If they enable you to get pizza pie, they have possible,» she said. «when they allow you to experience the last piece, they are a keeper.»

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